BABOR SPA around the world treatmens

Take a relaxing journey around the world and experience authentic treatment rituals from ancient tribes, soothing massages and delicate exotic fragrances combine to bring the body, mind and soul in balance.

Price range:

Khanya of Africa

An energy balancing top to toe treatment that will revive your mind and soul.

EUR 150.00

Scentao of Asia

A relaxing holistic head to toe treatment that takes you to Asia, where we combine hot stone massage therapy with a shiatsu pressure point massage.

EUR 150.00

Beleza Do Brazil

An invigorating fresh tropical top to toe treatment, using products with active ingredients obtained from medicinal plants of the Amazon.

EUR 150.00

Organic Elements Facial

This facial will refresh and revitalize the skin, stimulating cell renewal for a radiant, youthful complexion.  Also suitable for Mother's To Be.

EUR 90.00